To get from where you and your business are to where you want to be, you need creativity and expertise.

PowerLink’s comprehensive strategic marketing programs include customized strategies and tactics to help you master the complex terrain of market expectations, product and service positioning, and competitive impact.

While we preach the gospel of having a good map, we also know the importance of being able to quickly change course. Today’s markets are chess games, with hundreds of players and constantly changing rules. To succeed, you must keep pace and respond rapidly and competitively to new opportunities. PowerLink works shoulder-to-shoulder with you to create dynamic plans that empower you to make relevant, informed decisions that will move your organization forward in an ever-changing business climate.

We also create other essential planning tools to help you meet your marketing goals, including:

    •    Creative and technical briefs
    •    Brand assessment
    •    Needs analysis
    •    Market research
    •    Communications audits
    •    Best practices reviews
    •    User group segmentation
    •    Perceived customer value studies

Advertising, public relations and social networking are all great, but they don’t do anything if they’re not part of the bigger picture. Everything needs to come together through strategic marketing to help communicate the most important part of your business: your brand.

Comprehensive marketing plans from the PowerLink Group are designed to develop and build brand awareness among your target markets. We identify various stakeholders and target markets so that we know what kind of messages should be developed.

Our approach to strategic marketing is straightforward. We begin with background research and analysis of each client to understand the business objectives. After we've gathered our data, we develop a marketing plan that will achieve each objective.

PowerLink will lead your company through all the steps to help you visualize the future and then help you determine the right way to get there. No matter if the economy is up, down or flowing in a consistent pattern, a strategic marketing plan will help build your brand while achieving bottom line results. That's strategic marketing, working methodically and creatively toward your business goals.

Contact us today and let’s open a relationship that will help your company or organization achieve your vision.

Our [Make a Difference] Approach

Our strategic approach to integrated marketing communications and business development strategies will help your target market see you, your company, your products and employees in a unique and enhanced favorable way. PowerLink offers a unique perspective on marketing, we are business development engineers, with imagination and creativity to help you increase sales, improve your image and build customer loyalty.  We are also experienced business owners so we understand cash flow, making ends meet, the importance of revenue and how to implement a successful strategy to reach your goals.

Strategic Marketing

Before you begin any communications initiative, you must first have a strategy. We immerse ourselves with what you do; learning about your products, your team members, and your competition. With your input we determine what makes you really unique. We peel the onion back to see what is working and what hasn’t been working in getting business, closing deals, increasing sales etc. Once we have completed an honest assessment of the current state of affairs, completed our market analysis and determined what the opportunities are in the market and how you stack up to your competition, then depending on your specific project, we provide a detailed strategy. This could be to launch a new product or company, expand your market, or simply try a more aggressive way to increase sales.  This is where the fun begins. We start creating a road map for your company’s unique strategy and determine what tools are necessary to reach your goals. Jointly we develop or fine tune your position in the market. We then create a comprehensive marketing strategy to reach your stated goals which is directed toward your target audience, combined with powerful tools that convey your uniqueness and position in the market.  If warranted, we can provide sales channel analysis and create a powerful sales strategy to put for more feet on the street for your business locally or globally


It takes a certain kind of person to be really great at graphic design. You know; the kind of person that brings Crayons® to meetings and is always doodling. But it also takes a person who is fiercely attentive to detail and able to communicate messages clearly through engaging visual design.
We have the full package at the PowerLink Group. Our graphic artists have over 20 years of perfecting their craft, and they continue to evolve with every new project. So if you want graphics and illustrations that truly stand out from the clutter and build relationships with your stakeholders, then let us break out our Crayon box and go to work.
Below are some of the services our graphic design team offers.
    •    Brochures – Gain attention and quickly spread your message with eye-catching brochures designed by talented artists.
    •    Business Stationary – Like your corporate identity, a business set needs to help you stand out from the competition. Business cards, letterhead and envelopes often provide the first impression of your company. Let us help you design and produce a good set.
    •    Corporate Identity – Your business needs to stand out from the competition. Having a distinct corporate identity not only makes your brand distinguishable, but also gives a persona to your company. Your identity also lays the foundation for key communication materials such as brochures, letterheads and newsletters. We create very unique Logo’s.
    •    Direct Mail – Generate awareness and grow your customer base when PowerLink develops a strategic direct mailing campaign that accurately promotes your message.
    •    Newsletters – Stay in touch with your customers by letting them know what’s going on with your company. We can create meaningful newsletters that let your customers know what’s new, promotes new products or services, or simply stays in touch for future business opportunities.

Company & Brand Identity

What good is a brand if the vehicle through which it is delivered isn’t cohesive and creatively implemented? A good design is good business. There is a lot to be gained from a well-conceived idea, like an intuitive approach to sometimes complex challenges. We believe good design means understanding who and what your company is, and working through what you want the world to think of you and then creating the masterpiece that represents your business. Your brand is everything, so you want to be sure it conveys a positive and succinct image. The PowerLink team can help you create a and relevant image of your company appropriate for your market, powerful, or calm, all geared to stand out in your industry, heads and shoulders above your competitors. We do the research, provide the ideas and customize each message, based on your input. Irrespective of what industry you are in, you WANT to stand out from your competitors and we can show you how.

Sales Channel & Partner Programs

If you need to improve your sales with better performing direct sales, or have a need to create external sales channels to reach your target markets, the PowerLink Group can create effective sales channel programs for direct or indirect sales channels or create compelling partner programs with sales agencies that sell complimentary products or services.  PowerLink can provide product training, incentive programs, reward programs and other services that keep these indirect sales channels focused on selling your products and services.  The PowerLink Group also can manage sale channel programs domestically and internationally, with over 20 years of channel sales management experience.

Channel Management

If you do not have the resources or time to manage external sales channels, PowerLink provides hands-on channel sales management, whereby we conduct monthly or quarterly meetings, providing weekly and monthly accountability for your indirect sales channels.  We also provide ongoing training for new products or services and attend trade shows to promote your products and services to potentially new sales channels.

Customer Loyalty

The best way to promote brand loyalty of your products and services to direct and indirect sales channels is to have product promotions and sales contests.  PowerLink has 20+ years of channel sales incentive programs development to keep your sales team focused and motivated. We offer a variety of effective sales contests, product promotions and award programs that truly help companies increase business and channel loyalty.

Sales Training

If you are new to sales, or you want to promote individual to outside sales positions, but they do not have that professional polish necessary to do the job, PowerLink can help.  We have been providing professional sales training for twenty five years.  We tailor our programs to meet your specific needs.  We can start with the image, the clothes, the handshake, and personal hygiene down to how to better communicate.  We offer product training, closing techniques or telemarketing that really boosts sales.  We know, our founder created and managed major telemarketing centers with over 800 staff telemarketers, managed 300 direct sales account executives and was national sales trainer for three Fortune 500 companies.

Event Planning - Trade Shows, Conferences & Sales Meetings

PowerLink can help you maximize your investment in trade shows and conferences, from getting traffic in your booth to closing deals. We have coordinated and attended over 900 trade shows world wide. PowerLink can take the stress out of planning important meetings, sales kick-offs, product launches etc.  We have over 25 years of experience in planning large and small business events that get the job done. We work with your budget in planning an event, participating in a trade show or creating an exciting product launch. Whatever the occasion, or size of the event, we can make the difference between ho-hum and spectacular.

    •    Booth Design & Giveaways
    •    Trade Show Promotions/Traffic Generation
    •    Complete show coordination — Domestic & International
    •    Lead Generation/Follow-up & Fulfillment      
    •    Complete hands-on turnkey event planning and management within your budget
    •    Creative collateral, signage and social media promotion of event.
    •    Event marketing and advertising
    •    Pre-event site planning, booth coordination and onsite event support
    •    Event sponsorships where applicable, and program development
    •    Sales meeting entertainment & giveaways
    •    Sales incentive programs, reward programs & product ideas
    •    PowerLink's experience creating outstanding sales events & trade show exhibitsis your advantage.

Customer Service Training

 “Why spend thousands of dollars on advertising if you don’t know how to take care of the new customers you will acquire?”
In her training workshops, Marlene King, Founder of PowerLink Group stresses customer service as an continuous process of increasing consistency and competency in serving customer needs. By leading team members toward a deeper understanding of the basics of human relationships, participants will learn how to better handle situations with not only customers, but with fellow team members. Workshop topics also include:
    •    How to create powerful first impressions
    •    Improving team atmosphere
    •    Putting customers at ease
    •    Handling complaints
    •    Maintaining confidentiality
    •    Taking a problem and turning it into an opportunity
Our training programs lead employees into a greater understanding of their role in the company. These programs give employees new skills to increase job satisfaction and ultimately improve your company’s bottom line.
PowerLink Communications staff has personally been involved in developing and managing major telemarketing centers throughout the US for Fortune 500 companies like AT&T, Sprint, Ericsson, AAR, as well as many small to medium sized organizations. They have the expertise in the hiring, training, technology, fulfillment, customer service, up selling, and retention for subscription type clientele.
Contact us today or visit for information on customized programs that fit your business. We have the knowledge to train your inside sales staff to be more effective in closing over the phone, setting up appointments, bringing back old customers and up selling  to existing customers.  We help your telemarketers address objections, turn problems into opportunities and make new customers – loyal customers.


Every marketing agency can tell you they are creative and innovative, but not everyone rolls up their sleeves and gets to the heart of your business and understands your products and target markets whether low tech or high tech or no tech.  We seriously figure out what you want to convey to your potential customer’s and even more important redefine on a regular basis who your potential customers are.   At PowerLink, we make it a point to understand your business, your products – what are the benefits, the competitive landscape and create tools to help rise above the crowd and connect to new and existing customers.
It really helps to get a different perspective; you may know who you are, but that what your image is?  And is it the right image?  We help you get focused and create an effective communications strategy that incorporates old tried and true components as well as the latest and greatest social media vehicles to generate interest and buzz about your products or company.  Additionally we would consider possibly revamping your Web site to harness the limitless possibilities of the Internet for maximum exposure, or just make minor tweaks for maximum search engine optimization.  Without advertising, potential customers will not know that you exist. Unless your message grabs the attention of your target market, you will lose out on potential business and revenue opportunities.
The PowerLink Group can help you develop powerful, engaging ways to help you make sure your voice is heard.  We will create awareness through increased market exposure and generate sales with eye-catching and powerful messages about you and your products.

Public Relations

What do people know about your organization or company?  How do your rate amongst your competitors?  Does your company have any real brand identity?  If so is a positive image? The public relations professionals at the PowerLink Group will work to make sure your stakeholders know the right things about your products and services and you the company.
Sure, we like to write news releases and pitch your stories to the media. When it comes down to it however, we’re all about getting you free placement. Public Relations is more than getting your name in the media. It’s about establishing and building key relationships with stakeholders. That means not only with the clients, customers, investors, community members, and industry associates, but also means fostering solid relationships with your employees.
In today’s online culture, that means turning to the Internet to build relationships with your publics. A digital public relations quickly becoming the primary source of communications today and one of the most effective ways to communicate to the public and manage your company’s reputation primarily through social media. Social media can help you reach millions of people incredibly inexpensively and the least bothersome way to communicate with your target publics. There are a huge amount of tools at finger tips, let us help you make the most of them.
Public relations services are a perfect complement to our strategic marketing plans. Call us today to learn how an investment in public relations can help your company’s image and over-all bottom line.

Web Design & Development

Your company’s web site is its first impression to potential customers; and as we all know, first impressions are everything. Your website is sometimes the first window into your organization and can make quite an impression if done right.  It is your chance to establish what tells your market how your company, products and services are unique and uniquely suited to their needs. It can also be a low cost vehicle to sell products and services, giving your customers a simple, easy way to purchase products and services from you.  The PowerLink Group can help you create the perfect website, whether flashy, bold or conservative, we are experts in creating effective websites that get traffic with a great look and feel and navigation tools that give your online viewers a great experience.

    •    Web Site Design
    •    Web Site Programming
    •    Copywriting Services
    •    Content Management Systems (CMS)
    •    Complex Database-driven Sites
    •    E-Commerce Systems
    •    Multimedia Integration
    •    Web Conferencing/Online Presentations
    •    Surveys, interactive feedback, reservation systems
When designing any new web site, we focus on your brand and position in the market as the catalyst to build on.  We believe that along with meeting your short- and long-term goals, web sites should build and reinforce your brand. Our web sites strategies will incorporate elements of interest, persuasion and hopefully create an action.
You see, we bring a different perspective to web development... beginning at the starting line. When we take on any new Web project, we get to know your short-term as well as long-term goals. Then, we break out the crayons and white board markers, order pizza and and begin the process of developing a custom solution that meets your goals. We unearth everything about you and your competitors and then build on your strength’s. Contact us today to discover how our engaging Web sites can help you achieve bottom line results.  Plus we are very out of the box thinkers and will help you think about your business in ways you may not have considered before, all in the hopes of creating the best website possible for you.
Internet Marketing
Daily, or monthly, your Web site may be missing out on reaching millions of prospective clients for a single reason: people can’t find it! Whether it’s buried somewhere in Google search pages or customers just don’t know about it, you need a way to escape from the clutter and get your Web site on people's screens. By optimizing your Web site for search engines with just 10 suggested key terms and phrases, these prospective clients could begin to find you online—potentially boosting your bottom line.
Search Engine Optimization
PowerLink will use search engine optimization (SEO) to place your Web site at a higher rank, generating larger volumes of traffic to your site. As part of the optimization process, the title and description on each page of your site will be modified to include the keyword or keyword phrases that we are promoting.
Copy on your Web site is also important to the SEO process. Keyword density will be practiced to ensure your keywords appear a certain amount of times per page, depending on the amount of text you have to display them in. This process will allow us to target the correct pages and drive the most business to your Web site.
One of the most important steps in the SEO process is traffic monitoring and analysis. PowerLink will add a traffic monitoring program to the back-end of the Web site. Data reported from this monitoring will be analyzed on an on-going basis by PowerLink to determine next steps in the SEO process.
Below is a description of what each solution package entails.
Site Content Organization and Presentation Optimization
    •    Search Term/Phrase Development and Test
    •    Navigation and Internal Link Optimization
    •    Image File Optimization
    •    Meta Tag Optimization (titles, descriptions, keywords)
    •    Site Map Creation and Indexing
    •    Improve Search Engine Response Placement

Strategic Directory Submission
    •    Submission Strategy Creation & Execution
    •    Yahoo Directory Submission
    •    Google Directories Submission
    •    Industry Specific Web Directories Submission
Traffic Monitoring
Advanced traffic monitoring to track visitor trends and search engine behaviors. The results of the monitoring will be organized into a report for further analysis.
Reporting & Analysis
The following data will be compiled from monitoring the Web site traffic. This data will be organized into a report and analyzed by POWERLINK Marketing Communications to further enhance the SEO process.
    •    Volume of traffic
    •    Source of traffic
    •    Pages viewed
    •    Path followed through Web site
    •    Pages most visited
    •    Pages most exited
    •    Search engine spider activity
    •    Popularity of keywords
    •    Trends of page ranks in search engines
Contact the PowerLink Group today to find out more information about how search engine optimization can help your Web site and ultimately your bottom line.
Pay Per Click Advertising
A great companion to our search engine optimization service is to make sure your company is at the top of search engine’s results page when a prospective customer searches for your product or service. As technology continues to evolve, more companies are beginning to invest in pay per click advertising as it is an affordable way to draw visitors to your Web site.
E-Mail Marketing

Like traditional direct mail advertising, e-mail marketing allows you to reach an audience of any size while providing measurable results on the effectiveness of the campaign. E-mail marketing is perfect for promotions, launching a new product or simply staying in contact with your customers.

Social Networking

Online social networking is the fastest-growing phenomenon in today’s world. Yes it may have seemed it started out for kids, but we have news for you, it is one of the most powerful media today for many businesses and growing. Businesses of all types are using social media for a very large variety of purposes including:
    •    Improving brand awareness and differentiation
    •    Customer relationship development
    •    Disseminating company/organization news
    •    Increasing communication with your target audience
    •    Team member recruitment
    •    Connecting with industry professionals
    •    Voting or polling products and or people
    •    And more
You can reach 48 percent (and increasing) of Americans with a well-crafted Facebook page, and getting a Twitter account can help you instantly communicate with 14 million+ people in the U.S. Creating and maintaining a Blog can help you even further, it keeps your customers and clients interests piqued and helps move up your site in web searches. The ability to strategically use social media is crucial to the success of any current marketing plan.
Having your business become acquainted with the advantages of social networking can be a confusing, let us help. Call us today for a free consultation and to understand and harness the power of social networking and see how this new online media can help achieve your business goals in a cost-efficient manner.

Executive Mentor, Human Resources Coach

 Not quite the leader you know you can be, or as effective of a speaker, or lack the confidence to really take your career to the next level? We have the solution to give you the tactics and confidence you need to achieve the next level.  We provide confidential executive coaching and guarantee you will be the well respected and effective leader that you know is inside of you.
 Public Speaking
Are you afraid of public speaking, or knowing what to say in a speech?  We can help; millions of people have this fear.  We will reach you to become a better speaker, and actually enjoy speaking in groups and in front of crowds, and we can help you craft impressive speeches on almost any topic.
Personal Communication Skills
Do you have challenges communicating to co-workers, subordinates, bosses, and/or personal friends or even potential new friends?  We can help you communicate better eliminating conflicts or helping you influence or persuade team members, impress your boss, subordinates, and customers or even better communicate in your personal relationships.  You would be amazed when you think you are clear and articulate that you might come across as controlling, uninterested, ineffective or just plain misunderstood.  Our personal one-on-one coaching will give you magical powers with verbal communications and your body language when you communicate.
Professional Image Coach
Career stalling or not getting the jobs you keep applying for or maybe you are not having any luck getting a date?   Does any of this sound familiar to you?  It could be you are not projecting the best image you could, to make that lasting impression, or get someone interested in you.  Image matters and sometimes it is best to seek outside advice from someone who is not afraid of telling you the ugly truth.  We do not want to hurt feelings, but sometimes you need to know that you have bad breathe, or you clothes are wrinkled or outdated or your hair is so 1980’s or your aggressiveness is over bearing.  We are here to help, so do not be afraid to ask, we will work with you and transform you into the successful person you want to be. It is easy and will be fun, we promise.

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